Mindfulness in Relationships – How Important is it?

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How present are you with those you care about?

Mindfulness Expert Ann-Marie Ireland guides you through some simple practices that can gently heal and enrich your relationships

Sit back, relax and find out why this is key to creating and maintaining connections.

One of the most important but easily forgotten things about being a human being is that in order to feel well and thrive, we must connect to others regularly. It really is a basic need and a busy, distracted life can often make that need very difficult to be met. Have you ever considered the health of your relationships as they currently stand? Your friendships? Your relationship with your partner if you are romantically involved? Your relationships with your family or work colleagues?

A thriving relationship is built on trust, honesty and loyalty but one aspect that we tend to forget despite its importance is CONNECTION. The world that we live in right now is fuelled by distraction. We constantly have a device in our hands or a tv or computer in front of us and they provide all of the distraction we could ever wish for. However, this distraction can so often lead to DISCONNECTION. We may regularly connect to others through social media but we often forget that there are people right in front of us every day who may be vying for our attention. Some of them may even feel disconnected from us and we simply haven’t been aware of it…until now! Being present in your relationships with others is the key to connection and if this element is absent, a relationship can suffer greatly over time.

Have you ever considered how important it is to be present and mindful with those around you? Switching off from technology and simply listening to the person in front of you as they speak is vital in allowing any relationship to flourish. How often have you seen families, couples or friends out for dinner in a restaurant who are on their phones? Every relationship or friendship we are in is similar to a plant; if we tend to the plant, be present with it and water it regularly, the plant will thrive. The more we tend to, connect with and become present with the people in our lives in real and valuable ways, the more they will feel valued and appreciated. Therefore, that relationship will be nurtured and will be a wonderful place to be in.

You may not mean to or even be aware of how often you are not present with others but over time, this behaviour will erode even the strongest of connections. Put down the phone. See the person. Make eye contact. Let them know you are listening and present for them. This is the greatest gift you can give to anyone. This is mindfulness at work in your relationship.

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