Looking After Your Needs

Welcome to FNY Making Time For Me

Are you finding yourself high on stress and low on time? Making time for yourself can be so difficult. When you only get one life, it’s so important not to waste it. With this short course, take five minutes out of your day and invest in you and change your life.

Sometimes the world moves a little too fast, right?__ And, before we know it, we’ve finished another year of our life, and still missed out on all the living we wanted to do.
We often feel like we waste our lives away by doing the things we need to do. We make lists of things we want to do, but we put them off until we have time to do them. But when will we ever have the time to do them if we never make that time?

Take on board why Making Time for the important things in life is your smartest move yet!

There’s a great story circulating the internet at the moment – maybe you’ve heard it? It’s about a professor teaching an important life lesson to his students.The professor stands at the front of the class and produces an empty Mayonnaise jar.

“Students, this jar is your life,” he explains.
He then produces a number of golf balls and fits as many as he can into the empty jar before asking his students if they would agree that the jar is full. Seeing that no more golf balls could possibly fit in the jar, the students nod in agreement.

Next, the professor picked up a box of small pebbles and poured the small stones into the jar. As he shook the jar, the students could see the pebbles filtering through the golf balls, filling up the large, empty spaces between them.
Once he was done, the professor asked the students if the jar was full. Seeing the pebbles had filled up all of the empty space between the golf balls, the students nodded. The jar was full.

But the professor wasn’t done yet. He picked up a box filled with sand and slowly started to pour it into what already looked like a full jar. But, with a shake of the jar, the students could see the sand filtering through the golf balls and pebbles. This time, the jar was definitely full. The students were all in agreement. Nothing else could fit in the jar. It wasn’t possible… or was it?

The professor then picked up two cups of coffee and poured them into the jar. The students watched with astonishment as the coffee soaked into all the sand expanding until the jar was full – for real this time.

The professor explained again to the student that the jar represents our lives:
“The golf balls represent the important things in life,” he said.
“Your spouse, your kids, your family…”
“The pebbles are the other things that matter: your house, your car, your job. The sand represents everything else – all of the small stuff in life that isn’t important”

But here’s the lesson: if you put the golf balls in first, you have space to put the pebbles in next, and the sand in last. If you do it in any other order, you can’t fit the stuff that really matters into your life.

“Take care of the golf balls first – the stuff that really matters. The rest is just sand,” the professor concluded.

After letting this sink in, one of the students raised her hand:
“Professor, what about the coffee?”
“Well, I’m glad you asked that,” smiled the professor.
“The coffee is proof that no matter how full your life may seem, there’s always room for a coffee with friends.”

This lesson teaches us the value of putting what matters first. Imagine one of the golf balls represents you, and make sure it doesn’t get pushed out by the sand. Continue on and take the quiz to see where you can improve on your time budget?