Come with me and be Alcohol free

Going tee-total for November, Nicola O’ Neill offers a fresh perspective on how different your life would be if you go sober for one month. Beginning with the power of marketization and how normalizing alcohol in the home is now socially acceptable. Take the November challenge and reap the benefits by looking amazing at the Christmas Party.

Alcohol is a funny thing, most of us think it helps us unwind and relax at the end of a long day and the truth is yes one or two drinks have this magic effect. However, in a world of overindulgence, the magic isn’t so magical the next morning, making a small break beneficial. When I used to drink wine, one or two glasses, I regularly ended up finishing the bottle. The following morning facing the world with a hangover, pop a few pain relievers and on with the day. This was normal for me and is now normal for millions of people. The power of normalizing home drinking is so normal we don’t even spot it.

Have you ever observed in the evening time when your TV soaps are on and drink is in most of the scenes? Your characters are either in the pub, restaurant or having a tipple at home. This is known as product placement. Product placement is a form of advertising where a company will pay to have its product prominently displayed in a scene. Product placement is most prevalent today in movies or television shows. It is an indirect form of advertising because the product isn’t being expressly pitched for sale. These clever marketing tricks lead us to believe we really need a stiff drink at the end of a working day.

Stop overthinking on your past drinking and start focusing on the many benefits you will gain not drinking for November

  1. You will look amazing for Christmas because the first change is weight loss, fewer calories intake from the alcohol itself and less days of false hunger when hung-over automatically leads to weight loss.
  2. Your face will look fresh and vibrant, and redness disappears.
  3.  The other side is you will have no hangovers, more energy and feel much better.
  4.  You will get clarity on your life and have the wisdom to see your best self.
  5.  Other benefits are you will sleep better and save money.


Make looking great for Christmas your chief goal. All these benefits will give you all the willpower and determination you need to reach the end of the month. You will enter into the zone where you can see the picture of you in the dress you for Christmas. Having control and seeing life clearer by giving the drink a break is a gift. Don’t feel for some reason you are missing out on ‘fun’ when not drinking. If the night out is no fun without alcohol then it’s generally ‘no fun’, full stop. Be prepared to try a different type of drink such as a non-alcoholic beer or soda, find what you are comfortable with.

The more you move towards the end of the four weeks you will see clearly how easy it is to control a period of abstinence that will stand to you for life. It will make social occasions much easier such as weddings and parties. Due to recent changes in drink driving laws, it’s becoming more socially acceptable to now socialize drinking alcohol-free drinks. This is a very welcome social norm for those who wish to give it a break for a few weeks.