Celebrities and Mindfulness

Why do successful people swear by Mindfulness? Simple answer, it gets them results.

Oprah Winfrey, Jeff Weiner, and Madonna are just a few of many celebrities who regularly meditate. You would think these people are too busy for Mindfulness, however, they all sing its praises.

Oprah Winfrey wishes for all to live your best life and Mindfulness is one of those ways. From her website Oprah.com, she begins with the question ‘What is Mindfulness? Short answer: being in the moment.’

Jeff Weiner CEO of Linkedin uses guided meditations daily and acknowledges the benefits it brings in his daily work life. Weiner is so compassionate about Mindfulness he has it built into the culture of Linkedin with regular classes for employees.

Madonna loves meditation and uses it to achieve spiritual peace. She uses Transcendental Meditation.

The good news is Mindfulness is not just for Celebs, here are some tips for a Mindful Day, and help you achieve results that work.


Anywhere in the region of 5-minute increments is a good start. After a time you will naturally increase, don’t force it, let your mind go quiet for a few moments, that’s the beginning to Mindfulness.


Sit in a comfortable spot at the same time each morning. It’s a great way to start your day.


Slow down today. Mindfulness is returning your attention to the here and Now.

Continue with our Mindfulness Audios and have a great day.